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Why It’s A Bad Idea To Buy A Used Car Seat

November 8, 2021 No Comments

Here at ComfyBummy, we fight every day to keep your kids safe and comfortable.

Buying a used car seat is a bad idea for many reasons. Of course, the most obvious reason is that you don’t know how it was treated and if it has been in an accident, there’s no way of knowing. Secondly, the straps may be worn and not in the proper locking mode. Third, the seat itself may be broken in some way.

Lastly, you can’t tell if the seat has been recalled. If you get caught, the fine is up to $ 500 per item. In fact, it may be illegal in your state to even sell a used car seat!

If you purchase a new car seat, you know that there are no broken parts and that it hasn’t been in an accident before.

It is also worth mentioning that security features in kids’ car seats improve each year as technology progresses. Your child’s life is too valuable to consider buying a used seat. No matter how good the deal might be, buying a used car seat is never worth it.

Do Car Seats Have Expiration Dates?

Car seats have expiration dates. Most car seat manufacturers say their products should be replaced after 6 years.

When it’s time to replace your child’s car seat, remember that you may need to upgrade to a bigger model when moving from rear-facing to forward-facing and then again when moving into a booster seat.

How to check if car seat’s expiration date?

You can find the expiration date on the back of your car seat. Sometimes, the expiration date is printed on the bottom of the car seat. Some car seats have both.

If you can’t kids’ car seat expiration date, check the user manual or call the manufacturer’s customer service line for information about your specific seat model.

You’ll also want to replace a car seat that’s been involved in a moderate to severe crash. You’ll need a new one, period.

If the car seat was even mildly compromised in an accident or other incident, you risk injuring your child because of faulty materials and straps.

What about a minor crash? Even if there’s no apparent damage to your child’s car seat, you should have it checked out by a technician. For example, what looks like minor damage can mean that the internal parts are compromised. If so, this could lead to injury in the event of an accident.

Do car seat bases expire?

Car seat bases do expire as well. The expiration date of your base is printed on the bottom of the base. It’s usually six years from the date of manufacture.

There are a few things to remember about installing a base:

  • First, it has to be tightly installed using either LATCH or the vehicle’s safety belt.
  • Second, it’s not attached to the seat – so if you have to install the seat without its base for whatever reason, you need to remember how it was initially installed. This is important because some car seats are more easily installed with one method or another depending on the vehicle design.

The Safest Kids’ Car Seats Are Always New

Even paying an extra $ 200-300 for a new seat is more cost-effective than buying used. When it comes down to purchasing a new or used car seat, the answer is easy: Go with new. It’s not worth saving money at the risk of your child’s safety.

It is important to remember that safety has no price. There are too many risks involved in purchasing a used car seat, and it’s just not worth the risk.

We have prepared the below list of the safest car seats for kids to make it easier for you.

Maxi-Cosi Magellan XP Max All-in-One Convertible Car Seat


The Maxi-Cosi Magellan XP All-in-One is the safest car seat available. Its AirProtect technology uses energy-absorbing foam to distribute impact forces away from your child’s head, neck and chest through the side of the car seat.

We call it “the Mercedes Benz of Car Seats.” This car seat has passed every test, both in the USA and Europe.

It also has easy-to-use LATCH connectors that will save you time when installing by yourself.

Children develop at different rates; therefore, you may modify the torso up or down to optimize side impact protection to your child’s size. ClipQuik’s auto-magnetic chest clip makes it simple to open with one hand but difficult for kids to unbuckle.

The Magellan XP Max all-in-one Car Seat was created to offer ultimate safety and comfort in mind.

Britax Advocate ClickTight Anti-Rebound Bar Convertible Car Seat

ASIN: B07962ZKK8

The Britax Advocate has a SafeCell Impact Protection base that absorbs crash forces with energy-absorbing materials.

The headrest is adjustable both vertically and laterally to ensure the best fit for your child. The deep side walls are lined with energy-absorbing EPP foam, which limits forces through your child’s body in the event of a crash.

The Advocate is straightforward to install with the ClickTight technology, which ensures that the seat is installed tightly and correctly every time. The harness height can be easily adjusted without re-threading.

Britax made the Advocate Clicktight convertible car seat because they understand how hard it is to leave your child in someone else’s care. They wanted to make sure that your child is as safe as possible, even in an emergency.

That’s why they’ve created the safest car seat available on the market today.

Chicco Fit4 Adapt 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

ASIN: B09311PL54

The Fit4 is a safe car seat that will grow with your child. It has 4-in-1 design features: infant, rear-facing travel system, forward-facing, and booster.

Your child can be secured using the 5 point harness until they exceed its weight limit (40 pounds). Then, you can utilize the belt-positioning clip to switch to booster mode easily.

The Fit4 adapt convertible car seat comes standard with the RideRight bubble-level indicators, which work to ensure that your child is sitting in the proper position as you adjust and tighten the harness. The indicator makes it easier for parents who don’t feel confident assessing this themselves.

The Latch connectors make it easy to install the car seat. The Fit4 adapt features the one-pull tightener, enabling you to quickly tighten the harness without re-threading it through complicated back panels.

Chicco made this car seat with all different types of parents in mind. Whether grandparents are watching the kids, they’re helping out babysitters, or they’re just dealing with a busy schedule, this car seat will make it easier for you to go about your daily routine.

Graco Extend2Fit 3-in-1 Car Seat


The Extend2Fit is the only car seat you’ll ever need. It has extra legroom and a longer seat bottom, making it easy for your child to sit comfortably throughout their entire childhood.

The main highlights of this car seat are the 10-position extendable headrest, 4-position extension panel, and 6-position recline. Thanks to those, you can extend the car seat to provide additional protection as your child grows.

There’s also a removable infant body support that offers extra comfort for smaller children.

The Graco Extend2Fit has an InRight LATCH system, which makes installing a cinch. There are also 2 hideaway cup holders, which provide a place to store drinks and snacks during long trips.

Summary – What To Look For In A Car Seat For Kids?

The protection of your children is the most crucial aspect of car seat shopping. Some car seats are safer than others, which means they absorb more impact in the event of an accident.

It’s also essential to consider ease of use and comfort when picking out a new car seat. You want something that will make it easier for you to go about your daily routine.

Many car seats are 3 in 1, which means they can be used for more than one growth stage. These types of car seats can grow with your kids, so you don’t have to purchase multiple seats throughout the years.

Some convertible car seats also provide extra head and neck support for young children. This ensures that their head doesn’t wobble around during a car ride.

Most importantly, make sure you do your research before purchasing any car seat. You can check out reviews online or ask friends and family for advice before making a big purchase.

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7 PPC Trends To Follow In 2022

November 8, 2021 No Comments

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Tracking Trending Information on the Web

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Finding Trending Information Through Google Many techniques are available to searchers to find information on the Web. Searchers often use browsers and search engines to find information of interest. The knowledge of interest may include currently popular documents among a group of searchers, such as videos that are presently popular from a video provisioning service. … Read more

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1.8 TB of Police Helicopter Surveillance Footage Leaks Online

November 6, 2021 No Comments

DDoSecrets published the trove Friday afternoon. Privacy advocates say it shows how pervasive law enforcement’s eye has become, and how lax its data protection can be.
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Amazon Black Friday Sales For Kids Chairs And More

November 5, 2021 No Comments

Black Friday on Amazon is the best time to find deals on most baby products and kids’ stuff. Often, baby products and equipment will go down in price by anywhere between 10 and 50%. It is also an excellent opportunity to save up if you need some furniture for your children.

We compiled this list of best Amazon Black Friday sales for kids, which will hopefully save you some time while shopping on the world’s largest online retailer. Remember to check out these Black Friday deals to get more information about any discount that might interest you – you will find new offers every day!

Kids Chairs And Table Sets

If you need a table and chairs for your kids, you should definitely check the sales on Black Friday. The possibilities are endless – all you really need to do is know how many chairs and what kind of table your kid needs. Here are the best Black Friday deals on Amazon right now:

Humble Crew Kids Wood Table and 4 Chair Set

20% Off

This set from Humble Crew is a great choice for small kids. It comes with a table and four chairs, all made of wood. The chairs are also stackable, making them easy to store away after use or between playtimes.

Humble Crew Kids 2-in-1 Plastic Building Blocks-Compatible Activity Table and 2 Chairs Set

28% Off

This table and chair set from Humble Crew are ideal for toddlers. It comes with a table and two chairs, all made of durable plastic. It also comes with plastic building blocks that can be used to build various things. They are compatible with other leading brands of building block sets, so you don’t have to worry about switching between brands. Perfect for creative kids and parents.

Baby Relax Hunter 3 Piece Kiddy Table and Chair Set

55% Off

This 3 piece kiddy table and chair set from Baby Relax is an excellent choice for small children. It comes with a small table and two chairs, all made of solid wood. They are made to last and can be used for years to come. If you need this set, now is the time to buy it as it is going for a great discount.

Kids’ Outdoor Chairs

If you have kids, you probably need at least a couple of chairs made to be used outside. It gets extremely hot during summer, and sometimes it can be difficult keeping kids in the house all day long. With these outdoor chairs, your child will now have a place to relax when they want to get some fresh air. It

Here are the best deals for kids’ outdoor chairs that you can find on Amazon:

Baby Delight Go with Me Venture Chair

22% Off

This baby chair from Baby Delight is excellent for kids of all ages. It folds easily and can be carried around effortlessly. It also comes with a sun canopy that protects your child from the sun’s harsh rays when they are out in the open. The frame itself is made to last and is built of high-quality materials.

Hook-On Baby Chair

20% Off

This baby chair is ideal for kids below 16 kg. It can be easily attached to your existing dining table, and it comes with a harness that protects your child’s safety at all times. The kid’s chair can be hung anywhere as long as there is a stable structure, and it will remain there firmly.

Kid’s High Chair Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is an excellent time to get your kids a new high chair. There are plenty of different chairs available, with each one being different in some sense or the other. Here are the best Black Friday deals on Amazon for kid’s high chairs:

Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair with Tray

20% Off

This solid wood high chair from Abiie comes in a rich walnut finish and a tray that can be easily attached. You can use it for your infant or toddler, thanks to the adjustable three-position reclining seat. It also has a five-point harness system that keeps your child safe at all times. Solid wood is highly durable and makes the high chair an excellent choice.

Graco DuoDiner DLX 6 in 1 High Chair

29% Off

If you don’t want to buy a high chair, why not consider buying one that can be easily transformed into a different type of seating? This 6 in 1 high chair from Graco transforms into a toddler seat and a booster seat. It is good quality and suitable for kids up to 50 pounds.

Black Friday Car Seat Deals

Car seats are a major necessity for young children, and it might be a good idea to invest in some high-quality items as they will last for years before you upgrade them. If you buy from Amazon on Black Friday, there is a chance that you can save up to 40% on car seats. Here are the best deals right now:

Baby Trend Secure Snap Tech 35 Infant Car Seat

30% Off

This car seat from Baby Trend is designed to keep small children safe while they travel. It comes with an adjustable base that allows it to fit into all cars and has an integrated anti-rebound bar on the front. It is also equipped with five-point harnesses and can be used for babies between 5 and 35 pounds.

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Elite Infant Car Seat

20% Off

This car seat from Graco is one of the best Amazon Black Friday deals for kids. It comes with a cushioned base which makes it safe but also easy to clean when needed. The Snuglock technology allows you to easily install this in all types of cars without too much hassle. It is equipped with five-point harnesses and can be used for babies between 5 and 35 pounds.

Diono Radian 3RXT, 4-in-1 Convertible Extended Rear & Forward Facing Car Seat

26% Off

This car seat from Diono can be used in many different ways and serves a variety of functions. It has a high weight capacity and is equipped with energy absorption padding to keep your child safe while they travel. It also comes with adjustable headings and shoulder pads to adjust the seat’s interior to fit your child best.

Get Nursery Furniture On A Black Friday Sale

If you plan to decorate your child’s nursery, now might be the best time to do so. The right furniture will make your child’s nursery feel more comfortable and come with numerous benefits. You can get incredible savings on nursery furniture when you buy from Amazon on Black Friday. Here are some of the most exciting deals:

Bellababy Bedside Sleeper

15% Off

This bedside sleeper from Bellababy is a great choice for those who want to have their baby close by but also want to give them some privacy. It can be used as a bassinet and a crib and comes with some storage space underneath, which you can use to store toys or diapers.

Touched by Nature Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Nursery Blankets 7-Pack

35% Off

These blankets from Touched by Nature are made of 100% organic cotton and can be used throughout the year. They can be used as a blanket in the winter or a sheet when it is warmer. They are available in different designs and come at a great discount.

BONBAY Bionic Baby Lounger

20% Off

This is one of the best Black Friday deals for parents looking for a comfortable place to put their babies when they are not sleeping in the crib. It is made of breathable fabric, which allows your baby to be rested and relaxed, even when it’s pretty hot outside.

Big Joe Fuf Beanbag Puff Chair

36% Off

This beanbag chair comes in a variety of colors and serves multiple functions. It can be used as seating or as a footrest while you are cuddling a baby. It is also made of durable materials and is easy to clean. The beans inside it can be easily adjusted, allowing you to choose the firmness of your beanbag chair.

GoodBaby Baby Monitor with Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

15% Off

This baby monitor is an excellent choice for those who want to keep an eye on their child while they are sleeping. It can be used as a standard monitor or as a camera which allows you to see what’s happening in the nursery. It has some great features and comes with a remote which will enable you to move the camera around.


While Black Friday is a fantastic day to shop for stuff, it also features some of the best deals when it comes to things for your baby. If you are looking forward to getting a great deal on one or more of these products, then make sure to take a look at Amazon!

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Six things missing from your competitor research

November 4, 2021 No Comments

30-second summary:

  • There are ways to save and optimize your SEO budget, here’s how
  • Start with creating an “at a glance” report comparing your competitors’ key metrics. Find interesting trends to look further into!
  • Analyze and monitor your competitors’ online sentiment and customer satisfaction. How can you become better than your competitors?
  • Identify your competitors’ marketing priorities by looking at their competitors’ PPC tactics. Note their branded keywords they are bidding on: what do they consider their competitors?
  • Research your competitors’ branded questions by analyzing “People Also Ask” and monitoring tweeted questions from their customers and brand ambassadors
  • Analyze your competitors’ social media marketing tactics: what can you learn from these and which should you avoid?

1. Competitors at a glance for domain analysis

You can never have just one competitor in the real world. In some niches, you’ll end up with ten or more competitors that need your attention. Where to start?

This is the section I usually start my competitive report with: competitors at a glance which is a chart letting me easily compare my competitors.

What should be included in this section?

This section includes any metrics that would allow you to spot some key trends:

  • How new or old is this competitor?
  • How many backlinks has your competitor managed to acquire?
  • What’s their website traffic?
  • How large is the website?

Seeing all these numbers side by side often allows you to see important niche patterns or spot some interesting cases to explore further. For example, you can identify a new competitor that nonetheless gets a lot of organic traffic. Or you can find a competitor with fewer backlinks that managed to build solid web visibility. These are both good cases to learn from.

Here’s an example of how I use an “at a glance” method for my competitive research that is also color-coded based on how successful each competitor is (green showing very good numbers). 

Competitor research and domain alaysis

Source: Screenshot made by the author

2. Online sentiment and customer satisfaction

How happy are your competitors’ customers? Is there an opportunity for your product here? Is there a particular feature or aspect that makes your competitors’ customers unhappy?

Knowing why your competitors’ customers are unhappy helps on many levels, from learning the mistakes you need to avoid, to developing a better product that covers a niche gap.

So why do so many competitive reports fail to include this section?

And that report is pretty easy to generate. Sentiment analysis and monitoring are doable with some advanced social listening that dives into the segmentation of consumer sentiment.

Sentiment analysisSource: Awario

3. PPC keywords

Most competitive reports include organic keywords and positions but how about PPC keywords? 

Whether you are planning to invest in paid ads or not, knowing your competitor’s PPC keywords will help you understand what they are focusing on. It’s a smart way to understand high and low competition keywords without having to spend your own dollars.

When looking through my competitors’ PPC keywords, I always pay attention to their branded keywords. Firstly, it shows the competitors they as a business take seriously. And second, this may inform my own PPC decisions as there’s a solid case for bidding on branded keywords because they tend to have high intent and are often cheaper.

Here’s an example of a branded keyword report from Ahrefs. Notice the ‘Traffic’ column estimating the number of clicks a particular PPC keyword is bringing to the target site:

Analysis PPC keywords to inform your keyword strategySource: Screenshot made by the author

4. Branded questions

Niche question research is useful on many levels but have you ever given a thought on how useful it is for your competitive research? Questions people ask about your competitors will give you valuable insight into:

  1. Your competitors’ drawbacks (and how you can practically fill that need gap in the market)
  2. Your customers’ failures (and how to avoid them)
  3. Your target customers’ journeys (and how to best approach them)

When it comes to understanding your niche buying journeys, Google’s People Also Ask results, also known as ‘intent questions’ help you understand and visualize all the different paths consumers are taking when making their buying decisions.

Branded questionsSource: Screenshot made by the author

Always take note of the “People Also Ask” results when searching for your competitors or their products. These help you better understand your target customers’ interests and research styles throughout their buying journeys.

Source: AlsoAsked

You could also use some freemium-based tools to keep track of questions your competitors’ customers are asking in real-time, use Twitter question search which can also be monitored through a free app called Tweetdeck. Create a new column in your Tweetdeck to monitor this search term:

[competitor ?]

Make sure there’s a space in between your competitor’s brand name and the question mark.

Source: Screenshot made by the author

5. Your competitors’ promoters

Who are your competitors’ most vocal promoters? Can you get them on board to promote your brand instead? Or how did your competitors manage to win their love?

Your competitors’ friends are not your enemies. These are people who may fall in love with your product or agree to collaborate on similar or better terms.

Checking your competitors’ backlinks is the most popular way to find their promoters but it seldom includes people behind those links.

Social media is another great place to look for your competitors’ promoters.

6. Social media content

Are your competitors using social media to find and engage your customers? There are some lessons to learn there as well.

You can run a solid analysis of any Facebook page engagement metrics which you can use for your competitive report:

Social media analysisSource: Screenshot made by the author


Competitive research is much more than tracking your competitors’ organic positions and checking their backlinks from time to time. 

It can give you a lot of insight into your target customers, their struggles, and buying journeys, it can teach you to build a better project and identify niche gaps. Finally, it can help you identify mistakes to avoid and build a stronger business. Good luck!

Ann Smarty is the Founder of Viral Content Bee, Brand and Community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. She can be found on Twitter @seosmarty.

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