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19 Everyday Products Made of Recycled Materials (2023): Chargers, Watches, Toys

January 30, 2023 No Comments

Tread lightly on our planet with toys and accessories made from repurposed plastic, and many other Earth-friendly picks.
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‘Menswear Guy’ Marks a Shift in Twitter’s Main Characters

January 28, 2023 No Comments

It used to be someone who stepped into the fray. Now, it can be anyone.
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Apple MacBook Pro (16-Inch, 2023) Review: Great Gets Greater

January 26, 2023 No Comments

It’s pricey, but the M2 Max brings a pleasant performance boost to an already fantastic machine.
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The Earth Is Begging You to Accept Smaller EV Batteries

January 25, 2023 No Comments

Electric vehicles are selling fast. But unless people change how they get around, the demand for battery materials threatens its own environmental disaster.
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Best Kids’ Headphones (2023): Volume-Limiting, Noise-Canceling, and More

January 23, 2023 No Comments

If you use screens for work and play, your child probably does too. These are the best pairs we’ve bought and tested for our own kids.
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Instagram Notifications Get Less Annoying With a ‘Quiet Mode’

January 22, 2023 No Comments

Plus: Recommendations on the Explore page are getting better, Google is probably making an AirTag rival, and Amazon finally wipes that Smile off its face.
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It’s Not Sci-Fi—NASA Is Funding These Mind-Blowing Projects

January 20, 2023 No Comments

The space agency gave money to researchers working on liquid telescope mirrors, a lunar oxygen pipeline, and Martian building blocks made of fungi.
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5 Best Sex Tech Deals From Lelo’s Anniversary Sale: Vibrators, Lube, Condoms

January 18, 2023 No Comments

There are discounts on vibrators, lube, and other accessories—it’s a great time to stock up for Valentine’s Day.
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7 Best Portable External Storage Drives (2023): SSDs, Hard Drives, Rugged

January 17, 2023 No Comments

Need an ultrafast drive for video editing or a rugged option to back up your photos in the field? We’ve got a solution for every situation.
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